21. September 2016

Awesomeness Mainstreaming

I’ll start by assuming you are just like me. You’re a developer, you went to a few conferences and meetups. You enjoyed going there. You learned quite a lot of new things. You’ve seen lots of people who might be labeled a “rockstar” by others. Stupid term, I know, but well, we’re having quite the time right? Afterwards, let’s go crazy, let’s do aracde games, karaoke all of that. Dive bar? Sure thing, chicken wing. Oh, yes and we’re super inclusive, right, so everyone is welcome. Just come along and be a super awesome person with us. Amazing, isn’t it?

21. May 2016

The problem with "best practices"

Software development seems to be all about best practices today. For every task that needs to be done, there seems to be the one single way to do it. Depending on who you ask that is of course.

I sometimes wonder if all those best practices are actually all that benefitial. It might be that there is a point where they actually hurt us.